TIM HAGANS 2011 CD: "The Moon is Waiting"

I'm happy to report a new recording that I'm playing on. My "big brother", the incredible trumpeter Tim Hagans, recorded for Palmetto records in the beginning of March and the CD, "The Moon is Waiting", is out NOW. The band consists of Tim on trumpet, Vic Juris on guitar, Rufus Reid on bass and myself on drums. Tim wrote plenty of new challenging music for the date and it was truly a lot of fun to play with the guys. Dan Bilawsky in ALL ABOUT JAZZ called Tim "a master compositional architect" and "one of the most shrewd and intelligent minds in jazz today". And Bilawsky noticed the drummer, too: "Jukkis Uotila proves to be a powder keg of percussive intensity. He swings in beyond-bop fashion....and engages the rest of the musicians with perpetual drumming motion as he scampers across the rangy terrain of Hagans' compositions. His steady rhythmic barrage is actually one of the defining characteristics of this ensemble."
Jeff Tamarkin in THE JAZZ TIMES called me "a Powerhouse drummer" and George Kanzler in THE NEW YORK CITY JAZZ RECORD said: "Uotila ably establishes momentum and groove throughout, no matter how seemingly abstract or free the feel". After our release gig at Birdland, NYC, Lucid Culture -webblog wrote : "Alongside (Hagans was) drummer Jukkis Uotila propelling the group with one rapidfire cluster after another, and supplying vividly austere otherwordly piano on one tune as well". The record has gotten rave reviews accross the board. We hope to tour more in 2012.
You can get a peek at the session on youtube:
And hey, while you're at it, please check out the "Bad duets 1-4" we did with Tim a few years back....

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