I've been talking about making a big band record with the SJO for years and
now on March 3-4, 2012, we finally recorded eight of my charts for a CD release that came out on the KSJAZZ label in the USA in November! I'm ecstatic about the results! I arranged "Loopy Loop", "Quiet Authority", "Out in Left Field", "Wayne", "Isla de Angeles", "No Regrets", "Chorale" and recorded a faster remake of my chart "Avenida" for the CD. As an extra added bonus, I was happy to have my dear old friend Dick Oatts play solos and lead saxophone on the recording. Solo space was open also for trumpeters Fredrik Noren (who played fantastic lead trumpet!), Gustavo Bergalli, Karl Olandersson and Magnus Broo, saxophonists Karl-Martin Almqvist, Robert Nordmark, Fredrik Lindborg, trombonists Bertil Strandberg, Magnus Wiklund and Karin Hammar and my wonderful rhythm section mate, bassist Martin Sjöstedt. The work of the two guys who only got to play my written melodies this time, reedman Magnus Blom and bass trombonist Anders Wiborg, was of course also greatly appreciated! Percussionist Rafael Sida added his magic on two tunes. The band's pianist Daniel Tilling got a feature spot on the ballad, but I wanted to save something for myself, too. So....You'll be hearing my piano comping and solos as well as my drumming:) I flew in engineer Miikka Huttunen from Helsinki to record the date and I'm very pleased with the sound, too! Please look for the release on the KSJAZZ website, Amazon, iTunes, CdBaby and other places.

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