I've been fortunate to have held the drum seat of this wonderful organization since 1992. The bandleader Fredrik Noren on lead trumpet and myself on drums have established a musical connection thatís like a hand in glove. We've already done ten CD's together. My 2007 big band chart "Avenida" was recorded on the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra plays Stockholm Jazz Orchestra CD (Dragon records DRCD 407, 2007) and the recent 2012 release "Jukkis Uotila / The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra -the Music of Jukkis Uotila", features all my writing.

I naturally love to play other people's music, too, and the SJO has often offered me a chance to hook up with friends from the NYC days; Bob Mintzer, Dick Oatts, Maria Schneider and perhaps most often pianist and composer/arranger Jim McNeely. All these guys are big favourites and I think the band does a particularly fine job of playing Jim's wonderful music. Look for our appearances with or without guests in the future. Among today's big bands, I feel the SJO's intonation, phrasing and dynamic expression is really unique.

With the band, I've also done an "In the Spirit of Jaco Pastorius"-project that besides the three Jaco originals, includes seven of my charts on tunes he made famous. This is a program that I do as a conductor/piano soloist with the fabulous rhythm section of Timo Hirvonen on bass and Jussi Lehtonen on drums.

I've done numerous appearances and clinics with big bands through the years and if you're interested in having me as a quest, please get in touch:

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