My interest with Jaco's music started with his first record in 1976. But it wasn't until my former students, bassist Timo Hirvonen and drummer Jussi Lehtonen, put together a project in 2004 that I actually got to play his music for real. Fredrik Noren of the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra soon got interested and comissioned me to write charts to complement the few surviving Jaco originals to make up a whole evening's program. We did concerts in 2005 and 2006 in Sweden to enthusiastic audiences.

Most recently, on September 5th 2011, I lead the Sibis (Sibelius-Academy) Alumni Big Band again through a concert of Jaco Pastorius music featuring the amazing Timo Hirvonen. Besides the original Jaco arrangements such as "Three views of a secret" and "Liberty City", I arranged six Jaco tunes and also play piano. Guest drummer Jussi Lehtonen also contributed one arrangement for the concert that took place at the Black Box venue in the brand new Music Centre in Helsinki.

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