Here you can read the latest press releases and download high resolution photographs (photographer Michael Aston) for press and promotional use. You´ll also find the press quotes regarding Jukkis performances and records.

Press Releases

Meninas release

Press Images

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Press Quotes

“His music is bright and bold, executed with masterful skill and infused with great warmth. He works with traditional parameters but offers adventurous flourishes that make the music modern, often downright stunning!”

(All about Jazz, 2013)

“In class with people like Tony Williams and Elvin Jones”

Berlinske Tidende, Denmark

“A giant dynamo!…drum playing that’s unequalled in Europe”

Orkester Journalen, Sweden

“…if he continues to play like he does, he is sure to become one of the most respected drummers in the world”

Jazznews International, United Kingdom

“…as effective a use of tension and release as I’ve ever heard. Uotila is taking a hard-hitting approach… and makes it sound as though that’s the only way it should be played

Modern Drummer, USA

“Most outstanding big band-drummer I’ve ever heard !”

Politiken, Denmark

“Among the most personal drummers I’ve ever heard !”

Svenska dagbladet, Sweden

“It could be said that one at times hardly notices that he is even there, which would be the supreme compliment, because he understands the importance of reigning in his ego to better allow the orchestra and music to breathe and function”

Cadence, USA)

“Guided by his strong vision and aided by his international contacts, the man single-handedly raised the Academy (Sibelius-Academy jazz dept) into the ranks of the very best institutes for jazz education in Europe”

Finnish Jazz 2002

“Internationally the most respected Finnish jazz musician ever”

Finland's State Price for Music -committee 2011

Colleague quotes

“You bring so much to the table when you play with anybody. Cannot say enough!”

Rufus Reid

“A MILLION THANKS for your major contribution.”

Jiggs Whigham

“One of the finest drummers in jazz”

Bob Belden

“Unique and diversely talented musician who has greatly contributed to the world of jazz”

Joe Lovano

“One of the most special artists I have met over my many years as a performer and educator”

David Liebman

“He is truly a world-class musician, one of the rare ones”

Maria Schneider

“A true great musician!”

Randy Brecker

“The combination of his skills gives him a unique position in the field of jazz music, rarely found anywhere”

Jim McNeely

“Jukkis has the unique ability to combine his penetrating insight into 20th-century music with a vision of the future. He is always my first choice”

Tim Hagans

“Rarely have I performed with a drummer who possesses such mastery of his instrument and the music, and swings as much as Jukkis. We need him!”

Jerry Bergonzi

“Great composer, pianist and drummer!”

Bob Mintzer

“Brilliant writer, at a level comparable to best ever!”

Bobby Shew