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Music samples

Isla de Angeles
American Tabloid

Fast Company
Fast Company

Hunters & Gatherers
The Gatherers
My Child at Play

Video clips

Jukkis Uotila (drums) : Solo (Jazz Goes/YLE 2001)

Jukkis Uotila (pno) Band : The Clinic (Uotila) (Jazz Goes/YLE 2001)
Jouni Järvelä-sax,Teemu Viinikainen-gtr,
Timo Hirvonen- bass, Jussi Lehtonen-drs

Jukkis (piano) Electric Band 2006: Speak like a Child (Hancock)
Timo Hirvonen-bass, Jussi Lehtonen-drs,
Mamba-percussion, Teemu Viinikainen-gtr

Jukkis (piano) Acoustic Band 2006 : Avenida (Jukkis Uotila)
Joonatan Rautio-sax, Christian Spering-bass,
Jussi Lehtonen-drs, Mamba-percussion

Jukkis (piano) with Randy Brecker 2002 : Shanghigh (Randy Brecker)
Timo Hirvonen-bass, Jussi Lehtonen-drs,
Teemu Viinikainen-gtr, Pete Korpela-percussion+horns

Jukkis with In the Spirit of Jaco Pastorius 2004: Kuru/Speak like a Child (Hancock/Pastorius/arr.Uotila)
Timo Hirvonen-bass, Jussi Lehtonen-drs
Mongo Aaltonen-percussion + horns

Jukkis rhodes piano solo on Havona (Jaco Pastorius) same personnel

Jukkis drum solo 1997 with Caecilie Norby group Lars Jansson-piano, Lars Danielsson-bass

Jukkis solo ”Dolphin Dance” with Toots Thielemans 1998 Kenny Werner-piano, Yasuhito Mori-bass

Jukkis solo ”One note samba” with Toots Thielemans 1998 same personnel

Jukkis Uotila Band in Odense 1989: Avenida (Uotila)
Bob Berg-ten sax, Mike Stern-gtr
Lars Jansson-piano, Lars Danielsson-bass

Jukkis Uotila Band Seajazz 1985 : Cowboys & Indians (Bob Mintzer)
Randy Brecker-trumpet, Bob Mintzer-ten sax,
Marc Copland-piano, Jeff Andrews-bass


Jukkis Uotila: The Herbie Hancock Legacy feat. Billy Hart
(KSJazz 71159.3320.2 / USA) 2015

Jukkis Uotila / The Stockholm Jazz Orchestra: The Music of Jukkis Uotila
(KSJazz 71159-3219-2 /USA)

Jukkis Uotila: Meninas (Spice of Life SOL SC-0014)

Jukkis Uotila: Hunters and Gatherers (DoubleTime Records DTRCD-170)

Jukkis Uotila: Fast Company (Blue Jackel BJAC 5022-2)

Jukkis Uotila: Jukkis Uotila Band Live (Stunt 18909) Note: Sold out

Jukkis Uotila: Avenida (Stunt 18807) Note: Sold out

Jukkis Uotila: Introspection (Polydor/FNAC 662 147) Note: Sold out