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Jukkis Uotila: Introspection
(Polydor/FNAC 662 147)

Note: Sold out

Compositions: Moons Ago, Tears, Children of the new world, Quiet Authority, Happy Face, Rigor Mortis, Pablo on the Beach

All music composed by Jukkis Uotila.

Randy Brecker - trumpet
Dave Liebman - soprano sax
Bob Mintzer - tenor sax
Bill Frisell - guitar
Dave Samuels - Vibes Marimba
Michael Formanek - Acoustic Bass
Jukkis Uotila - drums

Recorded November 1983 at Vanguard Studios, NYC, David Baker-engineer


Currently out of print, this debut album of Jukkis' features a strong line-up and original material from the days when Jukkis was living in NYC. Compositions reflect an influence from fellow musicians like Dave Samuels (also present on the recording) and Paul McCandless with whom Jukkis was associated at that time. To the lucid harmonies and modal landscapes that are reminiscent of what is often referred to as the ECM-sound, however, Jukkis with his penchant for stronger rhythmic expression has added a slightly more groove-oriented attitude.

The result is a mixture of performances that range from the ethereal "Moons Ago" and the humorous quasi-reggae "Happy Face" to the fast paced rhythmic burn of "Rigor Mortis".

"I was incredibly impressed by the way all the musicians on this recording played and realised that many of my sketch-like tunes actually ended sounding totally amazing bacause of the performances that the guys put out. For example, the fans of Dave Liebman and Bill Frisell will be pleasantly surprised while all the other musicians just sound like their amazing selves!"

Jukkis Uotila