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Jukkis Uotila: Fast Company
(Blue Jackel BJAC 5022-2)

Compositions: The Lag (Calderazzo), Loud-Zee (Bergonzi), Echoes (Calderazzo), Not Afraid of… (Danielsson), Implication (Uotila), Suite (Danielsson), Fast Company (Uotila), Conjunction (Bergonzi)

Jerry Bergonzi - tenor sax
Joey Calderazzo - piano
Lars Danielsson - bass
Jukkis Uotila - drums

Recorded at YLE in Helsinki, Finland, February 1996

Fast Company

In the early 90's Jukkis followed his heart and returned to his first love by associating himself with players who had more interest in the sonic possibilities that the acoustic instruments can offer. He teamed up with tenor giant Jerry Bergonzi for two different Scandinavian tours and the music for the CD above comes from a studio recording made in Finland during the second one in 1996.

"This was an amazing group! I felt a total freedom to express myself around thes musicians. Joey Calderazzo's rhythmic concept I think was the key for me, because he takes responsibility for the time-feel in a way that leaves me room not only to play time, but colors as well. Lars was the anchor, kept everything together, and every Jerry Bergonzi-fan should hear this one. The rhythm section challenged Jerry to play some of his most adventurous stuff. He sounds just gorgeous on this one, in fact everybody does-I don't think I've ever played better myself !"

Jukkis Uotila