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Jukkis Uotila: Avenida
(Stunt 18807)

Note: Sold out

Compositions: The Individualist, Sense of Home, Dr.Overdose, Avenida, Out in Left Field, Dedications

All music composed by Jukkis Uotila.

Bob Mintzer - tenor sax
Mike Stern - guitar
Randy Brecker - trumpet
John Scofield - guitar
Dave Samuels - Marimba
Marc Cohen - piano
Jeff Andrews - bass
Manolo Badrena - percussion
Jukkis Uotila - drums, percussion and keyboards
Robbie Kilgore - keyboards, programming

Recorded at the Record Plant, NYC Spring 1987, Tom Swift -engineer


After leading a succesful fusion-style ensemble for a couple of years, Jukkis was ready to record new material written with a more contemporary sound in mind. With bold use of electronic instruments, Jukkis produced an album of what he feels are some of his stronger compositions.

Using the help of seasoned engineer Tom Swift and keyboard programmer Robby Kilgore, he worked with sequenced drum and keyboard tracks while solo room was saved for the star studded cast of players. Highlights include John Scofield's work on "Out in left Field", Mike Stern on "Avenida" and the strong writing throughout the CD. Jukkis saved a solospot also for himself on the energetic"live in studio-track", "Dedications".