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Jukkis Uotila: Jukkis Uotila Band Live
(Stunt 18909)

Note: Sold out

Compositions: 'Til Then, Out in Left Field, Shuffle, The Individualist

All music composed by Jukkis Uotila.

Bob Berg - tenor sax
Mike Stern - guitar
Lars Jansson - keyboards
Lars Danielsson - bass
Jukkis Uotila - drums

Recorded at the Pumpehuset, Copenhagen and at Nefertiti, Gothenburg, April 1989

Jukkis Uotila Band Live

For the promotional tour of his previous record, "Avenida", Jukkis put together a group combining the best of both European and U.S. talent. Since the group quickly sold out venues in Scandinavia, the Danish record company Stunt expresses interest in catching the band live in performance. This CD is a collection of the best takes from two different concerts on the tour, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. The strong live energy gives a new more raw outlook to the material and solos are really streched on this one.

"The challenge was to see if I could keep up with the energy that Mike and Bob put out. They can play such long solos and sustain an incredible energy! The two Larses really show what great musicians live in Europe. I don't see how anybody in the whole world could have done the job better!"

Jukkis Uotila