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Jukkis Uotila: MENINAS
(Spice of Life SOL SC-0014)

The new CD from drummer/composer Jukkis Uotila offers a big surprise to the listeners. He plays piano as a leader for the first time! For the CD Jukkis composed new material and reworked some borrowed themes. The result is a mix of subtle introspective moods, burnin' blowing and groovy Latin flavoured rhythms. Check it out!

Compositions: Mellow Yellow, Tranquility, Isla de Angeles, (Jukkis Uotila) The Ketchup Song (M.Ruiz), Meninas, American Tabloid, The Feel (Jukkis Uotila), On Green Dolphin Street (Bronislav Kaper), Mimosa-Amarelo (Herbie Hancock/Uotila)

Jukkis Uotila - Piano
Joonatan Rautio - Tenor Sax
Anders Jormin - Bass
Teppo Mäkynen - Drums
Mongo Aaltonen - Percussion
Severi Pyysalo - Vibes (on "Meninas")

Recorded at YLE M-1 Studio, Helsinki, Finland, June 2003


"Releasing the "MENINAS" record is a dream come true for me. Since I started getting interested in jazz music as a youngster, I always gravitated towards the piano. Although I had early on decided to work more on the drum set and made a career playing that instrument, I always composed at the piano. Little by little it became an irreplaceable outlet for my improvisational musical expression. Since it's always easier for the people to associate one artist with one instrument, I contemplated for years if I should start playing piano publicly at all. But there simply is a relentless romantic in me that wants to play melodies that touch and tell stories. The piano is the perfect and only instrument for me to do just that. I hope you enjoy listening to the sounds of this CD as much I enjoyed playing them."

Jukkis Uotila

the colleagues have to say about the CD:

"A couple of years ago, I performed with Jukkis' excellent group in Helsinki for an "Evening of Randy Brecker Music". When ringer Jim Beard couldn't make the gig at the last minute, Jukkis filled in on piano and boy, was I thrown for a loop!...I thought it was Herbie back there playing! What a shock that the shy and retiring professor Uotila had never mentioned his keyboard prowess to me after all the playing we had done together where he only featured his excellent drumming and compositional abilities. You are in for a big surprise, listeners! Check this out!"

Randy Brecker

"Jukkis, one of our favourite drummers, took his piano out of the closet! Congratulations! Give us all you got, Jukkis!"

Toots Thielemans. PS. Don't buy a harmonica!

"Enjoyed it immensely!"

Billy Cobham

"Jukkis, You never cease to amaze me!"

Bill Kirchner

"but you still play drums, right?"

Joey Calderazzo

"Piano?.....A Drummer.Things are that bad?"

Bob Belden

"Congratulations, Jukkis! So now you're going to put more piano players out of business. World domination?"

Michael Weiss

"Very cool, Jukkis. You bad, man! Please stay away from the saxophone!"

Bob Sheppard